Utah Drug Rehabilitation

New women’s drug rehabilitation treatment emphasizes combining experience and the latest in drug abuse therapies. Not only do we work to ensure that our clients remain free of alcohol or drugs through our substance abuse program, but our team also works with them on any issues such as anxiety, depression, or mental attitude. Our programs provide clients with a safe place to stay while they attend treatment or other programming.

Programs that offer transitional care are another important feature. Researchers have found that the best way to achieve long-term sanity is by offering different levels and intensities of care. New Roads is a program that allows people in treatment to modify the degree and consistency of therapy when they go from Residential Therapy to Transition. This allows people to go through the process of their own treatment while in the treatment program. They can also practice real-life situations, with help from staff and peers. Clients should be moved to sober living apartment houses to ensure long-term success. They are motivated to call for assistance in case of crisis and not use drugs or alcohol. Transitional Housing offers clients a home-like setting that better resembles the real world than their residential treatment facility.

One of the biggest advantages to transitioning is that people can ease more easily and comfortably back into everyday life, in a comfortable and secure environment. In the future, when they return to work and are living in a group home they become increasingly independent of the program. The increased responsibility and accountability of transitional clients leads to less relapses. Clients are also more satisfied with their treatment, and have greater commitment to staying sober. As our programs offer a lower cost than residential rehab, we can help clients focus on their sobriety instead of debt.

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